This checklist is a list of practical steps teachers can take to support the adoption of the evidence-based practice explicit instruction in their setting.

This checklist focuses on adopting explicit instruction. 

Have I...

  • broken the piece of curriculum/syllabus content down into smaller tasks for my students? (This is known as 'chunking'.)
  • removed any parts of information that are not relevant, necessary or at the correct level of challenge for my students?
  • created a learning objective to establish what students will need to know and produce by the end of the lesson?
  • communicated this learning goal to my students, and explained how it links to their previous work?
  • sequenced the instructional tasks so that they build on each other so that students can see their improvement?
  • allocated time in the lesson for students to practise using the new information before moving on to the next section of work?
  • designed worked examples designed to guide students through their first interaction with the work?
  • provided students with scaffolds that increase in their complexity and decrease in their modelling of skills as student proficiency grows?
  • planned some opportunities for feedback, including giving my students time to action the feedback before moving on to the next chunk of work?

Keywords: explicit teaching, evidence-based teaching