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We use a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure all our research projects meet high standards.

How do we produce quality research?

AERO uses a quality assurance process that involves review at key stages of research. This process ensures projects comply with established research conventions and adhere to our 'Principles for the ethical and responsible conduct of research'.

AERO’s quality assurance process allows for the appropriate incorporation of feedback in every research project through three key mechanisms: 

  1. external review by AERO’s Research Committee, an expert panel of education researchers who have the skills and experience necessary to assess the quality of research proposals, methods and analysis, and to check for adherence to our Principles for the ethical and responsible conduct of research
  2. external review by a Project Advisory Group, comprised of researchers, practitioners and policymakers, selected based on their expertise and experience in the area of focus
  3. internal peer review conducted by the AERO research team.

The three feedback mechanisms operate throughout each stage of research, including the final publication approval process. Research will only be published following appropriate expert peer review (whether through AERO’s Research Committee, Board or other nominated expert advisors) to assure research standards and ethical conduct. The exact process varies depending on the type and duration of each research project.

AERO also ensures that throughout this process it adheres to jurisdictional guidelines and processes for conducting research in schools and that approval from Human Research Ethics Committees is sought, where appropriate, to minimise the risks associated with our research.

The AERO Board provides oversight of the whole quality assurance process and, where required, will take action to ensure quality standards are maintained.

AERO Producing quality research flowchart

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