This project identifies trends, challenges and opportunities in education datasets and generates actionable insights that can support improved outcomes in schools and ECEC services.
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About the project

This project supports the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO)’s goal of maximising the potential of education data – one of the 3 key priority areas of our 2024 Research Agenda. Specifically, this project will leverage large-scale datasets to identify trends, challenges and opportunities in Australian education and produce actionable insights that educators, teachers, leaders and policymakers can use to improve participation and outcomes in schools and early childhood education and care (ECEC) services.

Insights into education in schools

During 2024, AERO will explore national and international datasets including Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and AERO’s own Longitudinal Literacy and Numeracy in Australia (LLANIA) to produce insights into school education in Australia. Work in this project will also respond to emerging issues in Australian education. 

Insights from this project will assist educators, leaders and policymakers to investigate complex policy questions and make data-informed decisions.

Findings from this project will be published as concise analytical insights papers and longer research reports.

Insights into education in schools published to date include:

Insights into education in early childhood education and care

Substantial data already exists about ECEC services in Australia, including access, participation and quality. Large-scale datasets are held by governments (state and federal), research organisations, and sometimes by ECEC providers themselves. Yet these data are not fully utilised to identify trends, challenges and opportunities. 

During 2024, AERO will continue to explore large-scale early childhood education and care datasets to understand what works best for children, what impact quality ECEC is making and what conditions need to be in place to ensure all children thrive in their early years. 

Insights into education in early childhood published to date include:

Keywords: educational data, actionable insights, schools, ECEC