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Know how to teach your students 

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers | Focus Area 3.3: Use teaching strategies

Instruction that is explicit involves fully explaining and effectively demonstrating what students need to learn. This form of instruction accords with what we know about how the human brain works (that is, that learning happens most efficiently when teaching is clear, systematic and does not leave students to construct or discover information without any guidance).

Evidence-based practices for implementing explicit instruction are listed below. Note that some of the examples offered may not apply in all contexts, may be more suitable for primary students than secondary students (and vice versa), and/or may look different in different content areas. Reasonable adjustments must be made where necessary to ensure full access and participation for students with disability.

This guide describes a set of teaching practices that have been found to improve student achievement by making instruction explicit. This guide does not refer to or endorse any pre-scripted models of instruction.

Key practices

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