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Family engagement for learning collection

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These practice guides summarise the research evidence about how early childhood and care (ECEC) and school practitioners can engage with families to support children’s early learning and development and students’ learning outcomes.

To check our process for developing these practice guides, see this brief description or detailed description

Family engagement throughout early childhood education and care and schooling

Family engagement is important throughout early childhood education and care, primary school and secondary school, but strategies for family engagement look different at different stages. Use the links below for a summary of strategies most relevant to you.

A line with 3 icons - one representing a small child (early childhood), a primary school aged child (primary school) and one representing an older student (secondary school).

ECEC practice guide

Primary school practice guide
Secondary school practice guide

Note: Our practice guides are designed to be clear, concise, relevant to a range of ECEC and school contexts, and relevant to practitioners with different roles. As such, they summarise the research evidence most likely to cover all populations. They do not cover evidence focusing on families with specific needs or specific approaches to home learning during COVID-19. They are designed to be a starting point for reflection and a guide for enhancing future practices. 

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